McAfee Real-Time Scanning Not Working ?

Problem Description:
McAfee security products automatically scan incoming and outgoing emails with attachments for virus. This is a useful protection but at times can interfere with your email send and receive operation. Also the real-time scanning of your emails can make your email client slow and sluggish.


Affected Products:
McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee Internet Security, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee All Access, McAfee Family Protection, McAfee Live Safe


Cause of the Problem:
  • McAfee Email scanning interfering with the email send and receive operation.
  • McAfee Email scanning is causing the email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) to be slow.
Instructions for Disabling Email Scanning :
Step 1 : Try Disabling Temporarily Email Scanning.
  1. Open the McAfee product installed on your computer by clicking on the short-cut icon on the desktop or selecting the program from the program folder.
  2. Select the Virus and Spyware Protection menu option, and click on Real-Time Scanning.
  3. On Real-Time Scanning page, uncheck E-mail attachments in the settings option.
  4. Click Apply.
  5. Send a test email message.
  6. If send operation works then go to Step 3.
Step 2 : Check for another third party application.
  1. If after disabling McAfee Real-time Scanning, you still cannot send an email, there are other potential causes of the problem.
  2. Next thing to do is to check if another Security Software or Firewall is blocking the email client operations.
  3. Check if you have any other Security or Firewall software present on your computer by activating the “Add or Remove Program” control panel applet.
  4. If you find one, launch this application and use instructions similar to one provided in Step 1 to disable the real-time scanning.
  5. Send a test email message.
  6. If the problem persists you need help from a certified technician.
Step 3 : Turn on Scheduled Scan.
  1. If the problem is with the real-time scan that McAfee is performing on your email messages, then you have one option.
  2. You can turn-off real-time scanning so that it does not interfere with your applications and also not slow your computer down.
  3. But to ensure that your computer is protected, setup McAfee for a scheduled scan at a time when you are not likely to be actively using your computer.
If above steps did not help fix your problem, you need assistance from a certified technician. Please call at 0800-041-8250.
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